Debt Management Plans

Debt is a stressing situation to handle. Many people don't know how to tackle it and loose hope in their life. But Being Proactive with your creditors help in getting flexible solutions from your creditors. It is a good step to communicate with your creditors of your current situation beforehand when you feel that you are not in a situation to pay off your monthly payments on time. 

We offer unbiased financial advice. When it comes to debt management, there are a number of options to get you back on track. From paying down your debt on your own to debt mediation/settlement and refinancing of loans, our credit counselors will find the best solution for you today, and in the future. Depending on your situation, you may need to use services either Credit/Debit Counseling and Debt Management Plans or both of these options. Important is to find which works best for you.

In this service we will take your situation to your creditor and work with them minutely to get you the required relief. Our counselor will work with your creditors to find a solution. We will negotiate on your behalf 

Debit/Credit Management Plans - Working with your Creditors

    a). Debt Refinancing- Negotiating with your creditor to get a better interest rate on your loan and refinance it by extending it over a longer period of time to reduce the payments , it is also depend at your history with them.
    b). Debt Mediation/Settlement- If you are struggling with monthly payments, we may be able to negotiate to pay back only a portion of the debt. We will work with clear process of settlement agreement in writing and no due certificates after the clearance of lump sum payments for the closure of the Loans.
    c). Debt Consolidation- In this option you can look at in consolidating your debt. This means you can combine more than one loan into one loan. It will help simplifying your finances by combining loans into one manageable monthly payments at lower interest rates.

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